WIC Executive
Advisory Board

Mr. Hank Aaron
Mr. Nizam Ben Ali
Ms. Denise Rolark Barnes
Hon. Marion Barry
Mr. Tony Browder
Dr. Lonnie Bunch
Mr. Leroy Campbell
Dr. Benjamin Chavis
Ms. Carol Clarke
Hon. William Lacy Clay
Hon. Linda Cropp
Mr. Tommie Davidson
Mr. Ossie Davis [dec.]
Hon. Tom Davis
Mr. Vincent deForest
Mr. Thomas Dortch, Jr.
Mr. James Early
Mr. Jim Evans
Dr. Margaret Feldman
Hon. Harold Ford, Jr.
Ms. Barbara Franco
Mr. John Franklin
Hon. Shirley Franklin
Mr. George Fraser
Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
Dr. Brent Glass
Mr. Danny Glover
Mr. Robert Goodwin
Mr. William Greer
Mr. Dick Gregory
Mr. Bill Grimmette
Ms. Norma Hart
Hon. Richard Hatcher
Dr. Dorothy Height
Mr. Larry Heyman
Hon. Jesse Jackson, Jr.
Dr. Mae Jamison
Ms. Marie Johns
Mr. Lenwood Johnson
Mr. Tom Joyner
Mr. William Lambert
Hon. John Lewis
Ms. Miriam Makeba
Hon. Hilda Mason
Mr. Peter “Buddy” McDonough
Ms. Delsey McKay
Hon. Kwesi Mfume
Dr. Robert Milkey
Mr. Alvino Monk [dec.]
Rev. Dr. Ronald Myers
Hon. Eleanor H. Norton
Mr. Hugh Price
Mr. Randall Robinson
Mr. Al Sharpton
Hon. Rodney Slater
Ms. Bev Smith
Hon. Frank Smith
Hon. Robert Stanton
Hon. Louis Stokes
Hon. Paul Strauss
Hon. Carol Schwartz
Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson
Dr. Cornell West
Ms. Virginia Williams
Hon. Albert Wynn
Hon. Andrew Young



Dr. John Hope Franklin

Peggy Seats

Col. Ezra Cummings, Jr.



Peggy Seats - Founder/CEO

Dr. John Hope Franklin - Exec. Adv. Bd. Chair

Col. Ezra Cummings, Jr. - Chair

Mr. George Colyer - Trustee

Robert Cook - Trustee

Louise Hutchinson - Trustee

Alexander Padro - Trustee

David Kwak - Trustee


The Washington Interdependence Council (WIC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit civic organization authorized by Congress [P.L. 105-355] to erect a monument to colonial American hero Benjamin Banneker [1731-1806] .


Founded in 1996, WIC is devoted to designing programs of environmental diversity. WIC was founded on the principal of a need to incorporate diversity into the environmental aesthetics of our social fiber. Diversity should include a public landscape that incorporates symbolic representation of all the people of the American constituency.


After lobbying Congress for nearly two years, WIC was successful in its bid to honor Benjamin Banneker with a memorial. In November of 1998, President Clinton signed into law legislation [P.L. 105-355] authorizing WIC to proceed towards endeavoring to establish a monument to America's First Black Man of Science . In 1999, WIC gained further ground upon receiving site approval from the National Capital Memorial Commission to place Banneker's Memorial along the L'Enfant Plaza corridor in southwest DC.


This site was chosen because it already had historic precedent in that the half mile promenade has been named for two of the Founding Architects of the nation's capitol. The half mile enclave is named for Charles Pierre L'Enfant, the Frenchman retained by President George Washington to design the plans for the Federal City. The southern terminus of this corridor has a commemorative circular overlook named Banneker Overlook Park which honors this colonial American hero who helped to both survey and design the federal territory of Washington, DC, among his many accomplishments.


WIC is currently working towards meeting the final major step of legal protocol for establishing a monument within the monumental core of the nation's capital. The step involves securing design approval from the U.S. Fine Arts Commission.


WIC will unveil the prototype of the Banneker Memorial design by next fall during Banneker's birth month [November, 2006].


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