Development Executive, Herb Miller, Hosts Fundraising Event For Banneker Memorial -- Co-Hosted by Son, Ben Miller, Rodney Slater, Sharon Ambrose, Jack Evans, William & Ernest Jarvis

Washington, DC, July 14, 2006 – A stellar group of city leaders, headed up by development executive and Western Development President, Herb Miller, and his son Ben Miller, who are joined by former Transportation Sec’y and new Co-Owner of the Washington Nationals, Rodney Slater, along with City Council Members Sharon Ambrose, Jack Evans and Businessmen William and Ernest Jarvis, will serve as Co-Chairs of a fundraiser for the Benjamin Banneker Memorial, now in its tenth year of matriculating towards erecting a world class memorial along L’Enfant Plaza in southwest DC.  During the tenure of Secretary Slater, the Washington Interdependence Council, administrators of the Banneker Memorial endeavor, were successful in enlisting the U.S. Dept. of Transportation; D.DOT; and the National Park Service to team with them to sign off on a multi-million dollar TEA21 grant to underwrite the renovation of the entire expanse, both surface and subterranean, of L’Enfant Plaza and Banneker Overlook Park. The renovation will remedy access and egress issues along the neglected half mile corridor. This $138 million renovation, now into its sixth year, is expected to be completed by 2010, in concert with the scheduled upgrade of the adjacent southwest waterfront to a world class venue, and the historic unveiling of the long awaited Banneker Memorial. The event will take place at Western Development’s elegant and very popular new Clyde’s Restaurant, at Gallery Place Mall, on Monday, July 24 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. 


“The Washington Interdependence Council is celebrating its Ten Year Anniversary this year, and we could not be more pleased than to have the support of such an illustrious group of social, civic and industrial leaders to step forward to help us to prepare for the third major leg of our commemorative process, the production and unveiling of our long awaited memorial prototype.  We have to then present the prototype before the U.S. Fine Arts Commission for design approval, as we continue our journey to offer America a gift of diversity within the monumental core of the nation’s inventory of monuments.  A memorial within this prized core of the global capitol is a very prestigious honor, and no one is more long overdue, or deserved of commemoration within this centralized locale than colonial American hero, Benjamin Banneker.  African-Americans are the only ethnicity without a monumental presence within this hallowed area, and Banneker’s memorial will serve as a healing, inspirational, and hope instilling place of fellowship for tourists from around the world, around the country and here locally.  America needs this memorial, and we are honored to have the approval, and much needed help, of those who have paved the way for America to become a better place for our posterity.”, said Peggy Seats, Founder/CEO of the Washington Interdependence Council.


The fundraiser event is open to the public.  A donation of $500, or more, per person is requested.  For more information, please contact Peter Bogard of Western Development at 202/338-5200 or call the Washington Interdependence Council at 202/387-3380.  You may also sign on to their website for more information on the event and the Banneker Memorial endeavor at


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